Tracing it’s roots back to the 1930’s Santa Monica Pier paddleboard races – some of the first in the world – this year’s event offers epic competition. Courses start and finish on the sand immediately south of the Pier and there are 5 ways to compete - Fun Paddle, Long Course, Elite Race, Tommy Bahama SUP / Paddleboard Knockout.

Cash prizes will be a minimum of $15,000. To challenge for the money, enter the Elite Race and the Tommy Bahama SUP / Paddleboard Knockout.


All of our races involve a “beach start” meaning that racers will have to navigate in and out of the surf zone. For everyone’s safety, we encourage all racers to make certain they have significant experience with launching from the beach through ocean waves. We encourage novice and even intermediate paddlers to take one or more classes with a certified instructor.


A cutoff time of 1 hour 45 minutes for the
Long Course and 45 minutes for the Fun
Paddle is strictly enforced. Those times may
be shortened by the Race Director for safety reasons. Paddlers who fail to make the cutoff time will be considered disqualified non-finishers. Paddlers who fail to finish before
the established cutoff time will be required to paddle to shore immediately.



A 5.5 mile loop that challenges our more experienced paddlers. Paddlers should be
able to manage current and more difficult conditions - and be ready for a long paddle.
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Trophies will go to the top 3 finishers in each division in both the Fun Paddle and
the Long Course.



A 2 mile loop for paddlers who are less experienced or just want to enjoy a more relaxed race with a friendly vibe. Though this race can accommodate beginners, participants should be intermediate paddlers given the nature of launching and exiting through ocean waves.
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Run concurrently with the Long Course, this is the same 5.5 mile loop and geared towards the
sport’s top competitors - paddlers who have consistently placed in the top 10 in similar events.
Elite Race divisions are limited to:


1. Mens and Womens SUP 12’-6"
2. Mens and Womens Paddleboard 12’-0" and under
3. Paddleboards Mens and Womens 12’0

Any Elite Race division that receives less than 10 entries will be merged into the appropriate Long Course division. In the case of women's divisions, entrants will have the option of racing the mens Elite Race division.

Trophies and prizes will be awarded, based on registration to the top 3 finishes in each Elite Race division. Elite Race registrants who pre-register more than two weeks will receive a limited-edition race jersey and other benefits.




PaddleCross is a competitive SUP & prone paddleboard race format that is completed on 500m onshore course. Starting from the sand, racers charge through the surf, rounding outside buoys then race with the waves back to the finish line on the sand.  Racers advance through first round and consolation rounds to qualify for the main event final.  The event races are run consecutively through the event final(s).

PaddleCross starts with the race field broken into two first round heats.  In each of the first round’s heats (R1) top finishing racers advance into the main event final.  Non-advancing racers are given a second chance to qualify to the main event final through a consolation heat in round two (R2).  Round three (R3) is the main event final race.  If there are less than (8) entries for the category the event will be run as a final.

The PaddleCross competition will have separate races for the following categories
and board specs:

Men SUP (12’-6” & under)
Men Prone (12’-0” & under)
Women SUP (12’-6” & under)
Women Prone (12’-0” & under)



We could always use an extra set of hands.


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