Santa Monica is packed on concert nights, so avoid traffic headaches and take one of these

    • Expo

      The Expo Line connects DTLA to the Pier. Trains leave every 6 minutes until 7 p.m. then every 10-15 minutes. Roundtrip fare is $3.50 on your TAP card.

    • Ride Big Blue Bus

      Big Blue Bus routes 1, 2, 3, 7, Rapid 7, 9 and 18 all stop near the Pier, with stops in both directions in 4th Street between Colorado Ave and Broadway. Additionally, the Route 8 stops right in front of the pier on Ocean and Colorado. Plan your trip on Google Transit. Roundtrip is $2.50 or go cashless and download the mobile ticketing app from Token Transit.

    • Rideshare

      To keep Colorado/Ocean clear, the primary rideshare (Uber and Lyft) pickup location will be at the intersection of Olympic Drive and Main Street. Make your way through Tongva Park from the pier.

    • Bike

      The City of Santa Monica will provide two free bike valets so you can check your bike in safely. Here’s where you’ll find them:

      1. On the sand just south of the Pier
      2. At the intersection of Broadway and Ocean Ave. in Palisades Park

    • Breeze Bike share

      Breeze to the show and lock your bike at five locations near the Pier. (Note: bike valet will not accept Breeze Bikes).

      1. Lot 1 Breeze Station on Ocean Front Path
      2. Palisades Park at the top of the Pier (Ocean and Colorado)
      3. Tongva Park (Ocean and Olympic)
      4. Ocean Front Walk under the Pier Bridge (Geo-fenced Drop Zone)
      5. Chess Park on Arcadia Terrace (Geo-fenced Drop Zone)

    • Keep the beach clean!

      These are your beaches, keep ‘em clean. Twilight is awesome, trash on the beach isn’t. Pack out what you pack in so it doesn’t pollute the ocean or injure beach-goers the next day. The more it costs to clean up, the less money there is for bands. Rock on.

    • Driving

      There are many ways to get to and around Santa Monica. Driving on concert nights can lead to a whole lot of waiting after the show. Exiting Downtown Santa Monica can take up to an hour due to gridlock. If you have to drive, here are your parking options. And remember, don’t drink and drive


      • P1 Lot 1 North - 1550 PCH
        $25 flat rate upon entry, 6PM – 2 a.m.
      • Pc Civic Center Lot - 1855 Main St
        $10 flat rate upon entry, 4 – 10 p.m.
      • P4 Lot 4 South - 2030 Ocean Ave
        $5 flat rate upon entry,
        6 a.m. – end of concert
      • P5 Lot 5 South - 2600 Barnard Way
        $5 flat rate upon entry,
        6 a.m. – end of concert
      • P3 Lot 3 North - 1060 PCH
        $10 flat rate upon entry,
        6 a.m. – end of concert
      • Parking Map >

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