Tuesday and Wednesdays, July 24-August 29th

A Free Performance Series at the End of the City of Dreams

McDisco + Make Music — Stephanie Vosper + The Guest and the Host

Performance Art, Dance, Music, Projection Mapping The Guest & The Host: Make Music is a recording experience literally anyone can participate in. We collaborate with you to make a song,in a session, against the backdrop of a glittering disco installation.


#metaforyou — Edge~of~World~Party

Immersive Theater, Interactive, Movement Edges define us, our story, our experience. Without knowing when one part ends, how can you tell when another begins? At the “edge~of~world~party” you are encouraged to look within, find those answers and thank those who made it possible for you to do so. Come sea for yourself.


Myriad SlitsYin, An invocation

Performance Art, Sculpture, Meditation Negative, dark, feminine. Yin (The other half of Yang) is both terrifying & necessary. You cant achieve happiness & inner peace without facing your fear.


Alex LeGolvan —  Nothing Twice

Performance Art, Sculpture Self sabotage is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be permanent. No matter where you turn there is wisdom as long as you’re open to it.


The Portalists — Floating in Between Our Dreams

Performance Art, Dance, Music, Projection Mapping Floating In Between Our Dreams is a performance that explores the liminal space between our current reality and the dreams we are manifesting. The Portalists perform their own mythology, in which they create a new ritual and symbology related to the tapestry of Los Angeles. Through this ritual, they bridge these dimensions, allowing safe passage from our tangible existence to fantasy.


Lola KellyThe Secret Space

Interactive Performance, Performance Art As the old adage goes, we’re only as sick as our secrets. Many people carry the weight of something they feel they can’t say out loud and secrets grow heavier the longer they are kept, and the heavier the weight the better the relief when released. Catholics have confession booths, some of us have therapists but there’s a hierarchy and often a fear of judgement to those relationships. The Secret Space creates a place for two human beings to connect as equals, share and take a load off.