Come celebrate all things S.T.E.A.M (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Math) and cheer on the innovators of tomorrow at LA's 5th annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. This festival inspires the next generation of S.T.E.A.M leaders, so come learn, play and make a day of it at the Pier.

Royal Rumble of Rube from 11:30AM-2PM

Teams have taken DIY machine-building to new heights as they compete for the best Rube Goldberg machine that can Pour a Bowl of Cereal in 20 steps or more! Prize money and everlasting glory are on the line so come pick a champ and cheer them on.

Path to Innovation Panel from 2-3:30pm

A panel of innovators, including Morgan Cable and Michael Malaska from JPL, Rob Miller from Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Chris Garcia from Uber Elevate and Sharlene Loh from STEMUp4Youth will discuss the challenges of their fields and the opportunities that await!

Bringing tomorrow’s transport to you today. Explore the HyperloopTT station and capsule in our VR experience.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory will discuss NASA's mission to explore Jupiter's icy moon Europa and how the future of science and technology will change space exploration. ​

​Learn about Uber's quest to conquer the skies and make passenger flights a reality in Los Angeles within the next 5 years from the man leading the charge: Uber Elevate's Chris Garcia.

And if that's not enough there will be liquid nitrogen ice cream, origami workshops, automatic drawing machines and more!